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   Hi and welcome to Taka no Dan.

Taka no Dan is a friendly and laid back PVE guild that values good behaviour over skill and experience.. We're not too fussy what class or talent build our members are - and are even less bothered about your professions.

Taka no Dan is run on a simple principle, which covers all members: you will never be forced to do anything in the guild that you don't want to do. We want our members to be nice, decent people who bring their personalities to the guild, not their demands.

Many of us have been in other guilds. Back then, many of us had alt characters that our main guild didn't know about. Why? So that we could play the game without pressure, the way we wanted, and enjoy it.We all want to experience the end-game content  but a lot of us work 9-5, some of us have kids and the majority of us have real life challenges as well as the pixellated kind. What we'd like to do is grow to the point so that there's always people who are around to do stuff with.

We want Taka no Dan to be a place where you never feel like you have to make a secret alt.  A place where you never think "I don't want to log on tonight, I will get roped into *insert most hated instance here*". A place where you always feel you can come and enjoy yourself, doing whatever you choose to do at the time. This is your game, your guild, your choice.

But the principle of the guild will still hold true, and we want Taka to have fun and allow their fellow guildies to do the same.
Participation on our forums is encouraged for all members to enhance the guild's social aspect.

Guild News
Other Guild News

Atramedes dead.

-Diggle-, Jun 16, 11 8:47 PM.

Maloriak goes down.

-Diggle-, Jun 16, 11 8:45 PM.

Valiona and Theralion

-Diggle-, Jun 16, 11 8:43 PM.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker dead

-Diggle-, Jun 16, 11 8:22 PM.

Omnotron Defense System deactivated

-Diggle-, Jun 16, 11 8:18 PM.

Magmaw Goes Down.

-Diggle-, May 20, 11 6:29 PM.
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